Lo’s 1-on-1 Intensive


Transform your body and your life NOW!



Lo’s 1:1 Intensive is specifically focused on a transformation that you want to create NOW! During our hour long coaching call, we will clearly define your intention and ensure that is measurable. Because a concrete and measurable goal = achievable. 

Also during the call we will will dive deep into the why that drives your intention. In the depth of your why is where you will find the commitment to achieve your goal. From there we will create a plan of action. You will leave the call knowing how to execute each step in order to manifest your intention into reality. 

After the call you will receive 30 days of support from me to guide you on your path to success. 

What’s Included:

    • 1:1 One Hour Coaching Call
    • Follow Up Email with Action Plan
    • 30 days of support via WhatsApp


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