What is Embodied Movement?

Embody simply means to become. And, becoming is the process that leads you to what you desire. So, embodiment is the process of stepping into the life that you choose. Or as I like to say embodiment is walking in your truth FULL out!

Another way to define embody is, being. Being in its truest form is living and breathing in the present moment. Presence develops the awareness of our authentic self, and it allows us to see the essence of who we are. Embodiment allows you to stand fully in your essence, by acknowledging your true identity. And, ultimately it empowers you to live the life of your dreams.

You might be asking, how does one reach embodiment? Good question!

This is why Embody by Lo uses embodied movement practices. Embodied movement brings us back into our body. It allows us to feel with all of our senses, and it sharpens our awareness through the mind-body connection. This type of mindful movement creates the space for play and for curiosity. And through this conscious movement, coordinated with the breath we are able to align mind, body, and spirit.

When we are aligned, we are in flow, and the world opens up for us. We use these practices to shift the way we move, breathe, think, and live; to embody the life we choose.

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