In the year plus of working with Lauren I’ve been able to reduce back tightness, improve flexibility, and reshape my body through our Pilates sessions. Lauren’s approach helps facilitate a mind-body connection that extends well beyond our sessions.

-Drew Dinkmeyer,
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Before I met Lo, I didn’t work out AT ALL! In fact, the idea of working out made me nervous. 
I had a miscarriage at 20 weeks, then two months later I became prego again and had a healthy baby. All in all, I felt like I was prego for about 14 months and was truly suffering from Postpartum Depression. 

I met LO by chance. I like to believe people come into our lives for great reasons. She invited me to try a series of sessions with her. Lo’s sweet and calming demeanor really put me at ease from day one. She paid attention to my strengths and catered a workout specifically for me. She has also taught me how to make time for myself, different foods to try and she never shies away from pushing me to work harder. She has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well being not just my body. 

Our sessions are always hard work but always with an element of fun. Lo, and I talk and laugh about celebs, politics, and life while doing pilates stretch moves to tighten my glutes. Not long after we started working out, I started noticing significant changes to my body and especially my mood! There is no shouting or humiliation just pure belief and encouragement. Lo has made me realize that working out is not scary, it’s a necessity and it has to go hand in hand with healthy eating habits in order to create a healthy lifestyle. 

With Lo you get constant communication, encouraging texts, Instagram images and videos of her showing workout moves so I can do them in my own comfortable environment. Lo is truly an innovator in creating a wellness program for me that only requires my phone, my time and for me to be present. She does the rest! I actually secretly rely on the texts that pop up throughout the week just when I need them to help me get off my glutes and get them moving. Thanks girl!

-Rabia Malik
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I’ve always been a very physically active person but I’m not extremely flexible due to an inherent hip disease, and to make things more complicated I had an emergency C section giving birth in 1996. I have excessive scar tissue making movement from my pelvic region to my low abs difficult. The connection was completely severed. That’s what I’m working with.

In 2015 I was fortunate enough to have Lauren give me my first private Pilates lesson in Ft Lauderdale. The whole experience was intimidating because of my limitations but She introduced me to a more meaningful way to my body. Most of all A Safe Way To Move. I’ve been working at Pilates ever since.

I’m no longer in Florida but super stoked I can access Lauren currently by FaceTime. She’s helping me find my inhale. I can’t wait to see the online community she creates.

– Heather Brownsea
San Diego, California

Prior to working out with Lo, I had recently re-located to Miami with low self confidence and struggled with weight. After two months of training and trying many crazy diets, juice cleanses, and such; I had lost ten pounds and began to see definition in my stomach and arms.  

Lo’s workout not only changed my body, but positively altered mind set on wellness. Rather than being transfixed on losing weight and my body image, she taught me the value of body strength. Unlike some other trainers I had used who made me feel bad for not being as advanced in the group class, Lo was NEVER judgmental and super patient in teaching me every single move thoroughly. Lo is the type of trainer who goes the extra mile to educate and make her clients feel at ease. She would even go as to spend extra minutes post-class to teach me to perfect my positions without hesitation. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has taught me and always been so supportive. 

-Lauren Melamed
Miami, Florida

Since 2013 I have engaged Lo as a fitness instructor and coach. She is, by far, the best health coach I have had. Lauren is great at tailoring her programs to the capabilities of her students. For myself, as a woman in her 50’s, I have greatly appreciated Laurens ability to challenge me without putting my health at risk.

She has a talent for communicating with her clients, making them feel at ease , and at the same time challenging them. I have progressed in my practice of pilates , thanks to Laurens attentive instruction and encouragement. Lauren is a highly gifted instructor.  She has not only provided me with physical coaching , but has advised me on wellness and nutrition. She is a beautiful person, both on the inside and out. She is kind and thoughtful in all that she does.

I would recommend her to any potential client, without reservation.

-Beth Longton
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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