An integral embodiment program that empowers YOUR lifestyle

achieve your fitness goals while rediscovering your authentic self

Are you tired of trying to “fix” your body through traditional fitness?


You want to fit all of your
practices (fitness, mindfulness,
nutrition) into a busy schedule


Attending sessions in
a traditional gym doesn’t
work for your schedule


You need support that
holds you accountable on
your holistic fitness journey

You deserve a program that mindfully guides you through the process of training your MIND, BODY AND SOUL to achieve the truest expression of your authentic self.

Hi, I’m Lo,

I also used to feel that focusing so intently on my fitness and physical body made me self absorbed and obsessive. I felt like I was only focusing on one element of my being, and not the full essence of who I was. Until I started the embodiment process of training my mind, body, and soul.

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Coming Into Presence Meditation

During this mindfulness practice Lo will guide you into a state of presence. Facilitating a safe space for you to find peace and surrender into the present moment just as it is. Through this practice you will begin to learn that you are not your thoughts and feelings, but you are the observer of your thoughts and feelings.

Create Personal Embodied Practice

Embody by Lo is a conscious fitness program, that works from the inside out to create transformation.

One-on-One session

These sessions are based on your personal needs and wants. They encompass but are not limited to energy healing, mindfulness, embodied movement, and nutrition.


Written programming including movement, mindfulness practices, and nutrition for your personal needs. The program includes email check-ins to keep you accountable along your journey.

Schedule a Free 30-min Consultation

Are you curious to know more about embodied movement and whether it will finally help you feel your very best?

Schedule a free 30-min consultation online with Lo to create a customized embodiment plan to meet your holist fitness needs.

“In the year plus of working with Lauren I’ve been able to reduce back tightness, improve flexibility, and reshape my body through our Pilates sessions. Lauren’s approach helps facilitate a mind-body connection that extends well beyond our sessions.”

-Drew D., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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