Foundational Elements of Embody by Lo:

  • Embody by Lo is much MORE than a fitness program!
  • Embody by Lo allows one to align the mind, body, and spirit in order to achieve one’s fitness goals and discover the authentic self through the following elements:

The Mind:

  • The program addresses mental well being through meditation, journaling, and grounding practices.
  • These practices help manage stress levels and cultivates a higher emotional intelligence.

The Body:

  • The program addresses the physical body by developing optimal movement, nutrition, and sleep habits.
  • The program addresses strength, flexibility, and mobility, in order to achieve the highest level of physicality that’s possible.

The Spirit via Embodied Movement:

  • Mind-body coordinated movement teaches proper posture and breath in order to achieve true physical alignment.
  • It is moving mediation that develops higher levels of consciousness.
  • It is movement that allows for space. The space to create, to play, and to re-discover the authentic self.

Mission Statement:

Embody by Lo’s mission can be summed up in three words:

embody, embrace, and empower.

Embody your essence. Embody by Lo teaches embodiment practices in order for you to re-discover your authentic self, and to live the life you choose.

Embrace the 3 foundational elements of our being; the mind, body, and soul. Develop a higher level of consciousness and emotional intelligence, strengthen the physical body, while aligning with the spirit’s truth through embodied movement.

Empower! It is Embody by Lo’s mission to empower others to live in their truth and to live the life of their wildest dreams. Because it is my highest belief when we live our best individual life it is best for the collective.