Breath Movement and Conversations Workshop Series

Our signature series is designed to help you cultivate fulfillment, joy, balance, and alignment through movement, breath work, and mindfulness. 

We will be teaching you about the physical body, alongside the energetic body, through out this series. Specifically, you will learn how these two systems work together, and how to bring yourself into true alignment.

Are you searching for balance in your body and peace of mind?

Workshop 1: Pelvic Floor and the Lower Chakras 

Date: 1/31/21

Time: 10am – 1pm (EST) 

Description: We will dive into the lower body’s physical alignment. You’ll learn what neutral pelvis is and how to access it. And, you will learn what your pelvic floor muscles are, how to engage, and how to activate them. Alongside the physical work, we will explore coming back home to self, and your relationship with your intuition. 

Workshop 2: Thoracic Spine and the Heart Chakra

Date: 2/28/21

Time: 10am – 1pm (EST)

Description: During this workshop you will learn the purpose of the thoracic spine, and how it operates. We will teach you practical exercises that will allow you to: increase your thoracic mobility, breathe properly, and create better posture. In addition we will delve into the energetic space that correlates with this part of the body, the heart chakra.

Workshop 3: Full Body Integration and the Third Eye Chakra

Date: 3/28/21

Time: 10am – 1pm (EST)

Description:  This workshop is designed to fully integrate the principles of alignment into your entire physical structure. You’ll learn how to use your awareness, to bring your body into alignment; so that you’re able to move optimally in your daily life. You will also learn, practical ways, to align your energetic body which will allow you to access your third eyed your inner wisdom. 


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A Little More Info:

  • All of these workshops will be held virtually via Zoom
  • If you’re unable to attend the workshop on its schedule date and time, the recorded version of the workshop will be made available to you
  • If you sign up for the series, you also receive:
    • Daily access to Bianka and Lauren, via WhatsApp
    • Complimentary virtual-group classes each month

Meet Your Instructors



Years Teaching: 13

Before this Austrian native discovered Pilates, Yoga, Eldoa, just to name a few, she was a ballet dancer. She experienced injuries in her ballet career and learned that movement with the breath and mindfulness heals.

Let us teach you how to find presence and serenity through your breath and movement. We will give you the tools that you need to breathe deeper and to find alignment in your body; ultimately helping you bring joy into your daily life.